PS 054 – The Comely Tune

      Am Port Luinneagach

Primary Sources

C1 C1.53: 108
Luinagieh alias Aultich G.1: 1
K1 A’m Port Luìnneagach [,] na A’n Ailteachd / The Comely Tune or The Ditty K1.15: 39

Notes on Gaelic Titles

Am Port Luinneagach Luinagieh G; A’m Port Luìnneagach / The Ditty K1. Conventionally ‘The Comely Tune’. Angus MacKay’s length-mark on ì is presumably a clerical error. Dwelly has various definitions of the title adjective, almost all musical, from luinneag, a song chorus etc, thus luinneagach, musical, cheerful, etc.

Roderick Cannon (2009)

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  1. Here’s a setting of this tune in modern notation based on the MacKay manuscript and Barnaby’s sung version. It’s in the public domain and may be freely used for any purpose. Any corrections or comments would be appreciated.

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