PS 056 – Salute to Inveraray

      Fàilte Inbhir Aora

      Tha’n crodh laoigh air Aodainn Thorbheinn

Primary Sources

C1 Crõmh laoith air Aidin thorbein C1.55: 115
K1 Failte Ineraora / Salute to Inveraray K1.111: 250

Notes on Gaelic Titles

Fàilte Inbhir Aora Failte Ineraora / Salute to Inveraray K1. Salute to Inveraray.

Tha’n crodh laoigh air Aodainn Thorbheinn  Crõmh laoith air Aidin thorbein C1. The cattle are on Aodan Thorbheinn, or ‘on the face of (the hill called) Torbheinn’. Crodh laoigh signifies cows in calf, a particularly valuable herd, and the name perhaps implies a triumphal cattle-raiding song. In Colin Campbell’s music (i.e. canntaireachd) texts, the tilde over the letter ‘õ’ signifies a short syllable. A song ’S tha’n crodh laoigh air aodann… Corrabhein has been recorded by the School of Scottish Studies, and a version which may be a conflation of others is in M. Kennedy-Fraser, Songs of the Hebrides. 3 vols, London (c.1909, c. 1917, c. 1921), vol ii (c. 1917), pp. 205-211.

Roderick Cannon (2009)

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