PS 060 – Some of them play it that way

      Tha feadhainn aca ga sheinn...

Primary Sources

C1 Euan aka char Shein mi Shudda C1.59: 124

Notes on Gaelic Title

Tha feadhainn aca ga sheinn mar siud[ach]  Euan aka char Shein mi Shudda C1. Some of them sing/play it that way. Possibly the comment of an informant, misinterpreted as the name of the piece.

Roderick Cannon (2009)

1 thought on “PS 060 – Some of them play it that way”

  1. This title resists accurate translation and should not be rendered into a possibly absurd English title.

    To elaborate: ‘Euan aka’ can mean ‘their cry/shout’. – Euan’ may be the word ‘eubhan’, also ‘eighean’ meaning a cry, shout, or lamentation. ‘Aka’ = aca, at them. their.

    ‘mi shudda’ – Shadda’ could be ‘sudhair’= strong, solid, acute.
    ‘Mi shadda’ means its opposite, ie, weak, soft, dull.
    Shein’ is possibly ‘sion’ = blast of air, or warning.
    ‘char’ is not clear – could be ‘behind’, or ‘west’ or ‘sideways’ or ‘decay’ or ‘move awkwardly, lurch’.
    It could mean something like ‘The shout from them was weak and pitiful’. Or something else again.
    Interestingly, the last syllables of the name, ‘shein mi shudda’ fir metrically into the last notes of the second phrase, DFElowG, so it could be part of a chant. (this interpretation of the air requires emphasis on the final low G)

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