PS 074 – Lament for Lord Breadalbane

      Latha Sròn a’ Chlachain

      Mèarsadh dubh Mhorair Bhràghaid-Albainn

Primary Sources

C1 Lord Bredalbans March C1.73: 159
D2 La Sron a Chlachain / …a Lament for Maclean D2.23: 114
Dj March i Dubh / Lord Bradalbane Dj.11: 9
K3 March a Morar Breadalbi[nn?] / Index: Cumha Mhorair Bhreadalbain / Index: Lord Breadalbanes Lament K3.39: 124
KK Mearsa Dubh (na) Cumha Mhorair Bhreadalbain / Index adds: A Mearsa Dubh / Lord Breadalbanes Lament / Index adds: The Black March KK.28: 49

Notes on Gaelic Titles

Latha Sròn a’ Chlachain La Sron a Chlachain / …a Lament for Maclean D1. The Day [i.e. Battle] of  Sròn a’ Chlachain. Sròn a’ Chlachain is in Glen Lochay and the battle has been dated to 1646 – see R. Black, The Gaelic Otherworld. Birlinn, Edinburgh (2008), p. 408 and references cited there. Donald MacDonald’s (D1) English wording is to be read as a comment rather than a name as such. David Glen (M) titles the tune Cumha Lachuinn Mhóir, presumably on this basis.

Mèarsadh dubh Mhorair Bhràghaid-Albainn Lord Bredalbans March C1; March i Dubh Lord Bradalbane DJ; March a Morar Breadalbi[nn?] K3; Cumha Mhorair Bhreadalbain / Lord Breadalbanes Lament K3 index; Mearsa Dubh (na) Cumha Mhorair Bhreadalbain / Lord Breadalbanes Lament KK; A Mearsa Dubh / The Black March KK index. Conventionally ‘Lord Breadalbane’s Lament’. The names with Cumha make sense but ‘The Black (= Doleful) March’  has a paradoxical feel which supports authenticity.

Roderick Cannon, Gaelic Names of Pibrochs: A Concise Dictionary

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