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To get you started, we recommend you browse a few of the more important pages on the site, before digging right into the musical materials, themselves.

First, you may wish to learn a bit more about the general landscape of the musical and historical terrain.  Get started here. It will provide you with a complete list of primary source materials and where they are located.

You may wish to peruse a “table of contents”: our listing of all the tunes in collection order (based on the ground-breaking work of Roddy Cannon).  Feel free to use your browser’s Find function (Cmd-F on Macs, Cntl-F on Windows) to search for a name.

But there are deeper explorations to be made.  You can:

We even include lists of pibroch names from sources with no notation: these are citations from among the earliest records for the art form – from the likes of the Wardlaw Manuscripts (1660) and the 1778 Fencibles (where we learn that the Finger Lock was a reveille!)

Indeed, we are the only source on the planet that has made these kinds of explorations possible and accessible to you.

We next encourage you to visit our sister is, Learning Living Pibroch, to hear and read how we are applying this information to today’s musical performances and interpretations of pibroch.

Happy piping!

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