who we are

Prof Joshua Dickson

Professor Joshua Dickson is Head of Traditional Music at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. In partnership with the National Piping Centre, he led the design of Scotland's renowned BMus curriculum for the Highland bagpipe. Josh is the author of When Piping Was Strong: Tradition, Change and the Bagpipe in South Uist (2006) and editor of The Highland Bagpipe: Music, History, Tradition (2009)

Abe Millett

Abe Millett is a musician and programmer from Connecticut, USA. He competed for many seasons as a piper with the Manchester Pipe Band, having studied under Chuck Murdoch. In both programming and music, Abe believes that innovative ideas are found by embracing the past and learning from those who have gone before.

james carnegie

Jimmy Carnegie provides the Pibroch Network with strategic, financial and operational advice. A qualified accountant, he has 25+ years’ experience of advising and working in businesses at senior level. He set up a new teaching venture, Cambridge Bagpipes, in 2018 and now teaches piping at three Cambridge schools. Jimmy won the Grade Two pibroch competition at the 2020 World Solo Amateur Piping Competition.

Kate Carpenter

Kate Carpenter is head of brand for Atelier Ten, an environmental engineering company. She oversaw the redevelopment of their website and provides the Pibroch Network with advice on design and project management. Kate is undertaking a part-time MA in graphic design at the Arts University Bournemouth. She was introduced to canntaireachd by her partner, formerly of the Vale of Atholl Pipe Band.

Jamie Green

Jamie Green is a software developer and sound artist/writer in Los Angeles. He operates Besom Presse, an imprint concerned with *perceptually activated* works on paper and sound media. He helped to recover altpibroch.com after David Hester’s death and provides the Pibroch Network with development and technical advice.

Barnaby Brown

Barnaby Brown has been nourishing the growth of the whole pibroch ecosystem since 1997. He was trained in Rome by 400 kids aged 3-12, working a circle of xylophones. In 2004, he produced Donald MacPherson: A Living Legend, and in 2007, Allan MacDonald: Dastirum. In 2013, he co-founded the Pibroch Network's predecessor, the Alt Pibroch Club, with the late Dr David Hester.